GPs and Pharmacists

My doctor wants to know the name and GMC number of the doctor who is managing my care through GenderGP

Due to the challenges faced by UK doctors keen to support transgender patients, all of our doctors are based outside of the UK. The GMC is a UK regulatory body and as such their remit does not cover GenderGP doctors. Each GenderGP doctor is carefully selected on the basis of their qualifications and gender affirmative approach. In line with GenderGP policy, each doctor adheres to best practice outlines in the guidelines that can be found here (

I need to inform my GP of my treatment with you but I don't have an email address for you to contact them on. What shall I do?

We would advise that you contact your surgery and ask for a telephone appointment to discuss your treatment with your GP. At this stage you need to ask them for the relevant contact information so that we can get in touch. Alternatively, we can send you letters to forward to your GP, please request these here:

Your system is sending automated emails to my GP. I want to be notified beforehand and would like these emails to be sent to me first. Can you do this?

Yes, we can organise this. Please contact us ( with details of your case and a member of the team will get back to you within 48 hours.

My GP has asked for a shared care agreement and an assessment before they will agree to supporting my medical transition. Do you provide that?

We would be very happy to work with your GP to assist you with your transition. In order to do that you must be a subscriber to our services. You can become a patient here: We will ask you to complete an Information Gathering Session (IGS) so that we can get to know you and your gender history. We can then provide you with a wellbeing report summarising the session. At your request, we can also send a Shared Care agreement to your doctor which ...

My GP has said they won’t support me using GenderGP. What can I do to persuade them?

Sadly many doctors do not feel empowered enough to support their patient through transition. This is largely due to the lack of education in this particular field of medicine. Luckily there is plenty of research available to support the treatment of trans individuals. We have lots of information and we are happy to contact your GP, if you feel this will help. You can request that we write to your GP here: We have also developed this guide which ...

My GP says they want to get in contact with you directly. How do they go about this?

We are always happy to communicate with doctors directly. They can write to us here:

How can I arrange for communication to be set up between my GP and GenderGP?

We like to work with your doctor wherever possible. If you would like us to write to your GP, you can let us know the details by getting in touch by sending us a message ( We can either email the letter directly to your doctor or you can pass it on, you will receive a copy of the letter either way. If your doctor would like to contact us they can do so here (http://: