GenderGP Fund

Wouldn’t a sponsor scheme be better than the GenderGP Fund?

The Fund welcomes donations and direct sponsorship.

Can The GenderGP Fund be used for services outside of GGP?

No. This initiative is designed to help people to access the care they need, which is not forthcoming via their national healthcare provider. GenderGP is the only private service which supports trans people of all ages. We can provide the care that individuals need, either independently or in collaboration with the patient’s GP.

Is the GenderGP Fund a registered charity?

The Fund is an initiative set up to help those who wish to contribute to someone else’s care. Any use of the word charitable is as an adjective ‘relating to the assistance of those in need.’ The Fund is not part of any registered charity but will follow the same principles.

How will you ensure funds from the GenderGP Fund are distributed fairly?

We are assembling a dedicated team to manage The Fund. This will consist of independent membership as well as GenderGP employees to ensure transparency of funds. If you have any expertise of acting in the capacity of trustee and you would like to be involved, please get in touch here ( This is a voluntary role.

Will The GenderGP Fund cover the cost of medication, or just GenderGP expenses?

This will be decided on a case by case basis. For some people, it is the set up fee that is prohibitive but the medication costs are achievable. For others the regular cost of medication is too much of a strain but they have a small amount of money to cover the administrative costs incurred with setting them up.

How is the business contributing to the GenderGP Fund? Are they donating money/resources to the Fund?

This is a not for profit initiative and 100% of all donations received will be used for direct patient care. GenderGP staff members have also offered to work at a reduced rate, specifically when supporting subsidised patients. GenderGP is covering the administration/staffing costs of managing The Fund as part of its contribution.

Why did you set up the GenderGP Fund when schemes like this already exist?

Over the years that GenderGP has been in operation we have been approached many times by service users who have wanted to contribute to another’s care. This is a way of formalising that process so that if someone would like to help, they can.

Will GenderGP profit from the GenderGP Fund?

No. This is not an exercise in profit. This is about getting urgent care to those who need it but who cannot afford it or access it elsewhere. Our role is simply to enable the many to help the few. Staffing costs will be paid for by the money raised, however some GenderGP staff have offered to work at a reduced rate for patients accessing this fund.

Will we be able to see exactly where the GenderGP Fund money goes?

Yes! We will be focusing on transparency and equity at the core of this initiative.

How much has been donated to the GenderGP Fund?

As of 1pm on Wednesday, February 17th 2021, the total amount that has been donated to The Fund is £59,761.90. This could help 42 people to access blockers for a year, based on full care being provided, and many more based on subsidised care.

What kind of donation options are there for the GenderGP Fund?

You can choose to donate a one-off amount or set up a regular, monthly payment which can be stopped at any time.

How much is The GenderGP Fund hoping to raise to cover the costs of everyone who needs care?

There is no way of fully knowing how many people have been affected by the court ruling and although this is our immediate focus, we appreciate that the scope of those who need help is much broader than trans youth. The more we can raise through The Fund the more people we will be able to support.

Can I support the journey of a specific individual?

Yes this is an option. Please contact us ( for details on how we can match a sponsor up with someone who needs financial support.

How much does it cost to fund one person’s whole treatment for a year?

As GenderGP works with each person to provide the right care for them, it is not always easy to provide an exact estimate of costs. However, were an individual to be provided with 100% subsidised care, including all medication costs on the most expensive medications – puberty blocker injections – the total amount would be £1,200 per year.

What does the GenderGP Fund pay for?

The Fund will be used to subsidise your care with GenderGP. It can cover set up fees, subscription costs, medication costs, and counselling and session costs. We will work with individual applicants to establish exactly how much support is needed and funds will be allocated accordingly.

How much can I donate to the GenderGP Fund?

Every donation, no matter how small, is hugely appreciated. There is no minimum or maximum amount – it is entirely up to you. You can choose to donate a one-off amount or set up a standing order.

How can I donate to the GenderGP Fund?

If you are interested in donating to The Fund, please click on the following link and complete the ( (