What qualifications do your prescribers have?

There are no formal qualifications in the field of transgender healthcare. Indeed, gender specialists can come from a number of disciplines including psychologists, psychiatrists, counsellors or therapists, but they may also be GPs, endocrinologists and nurses. There are no UK NHS published guidelines for the care of transgender people, no NICE guidelines and no formal medical education in medical schools or in postgraduate deaneries and standards do not exist in the Royal College Curriculae.

In the absence of UK guidelines, our specialists follow the Guidelines of the Centre of Excellence in Transgender Healthcare at the University of California and San Fransisco, and the Standards of Care set by the World Professional Association of Transgender Health, and the Guidelines set by The Endocrine Society for the Care of the Gender-Incongruent Person. In addition to these, the Australian Guidelines for the care of transgender youth are an invaluable, evidence-based representation of what excellence in transgender care can achieve for young people.