What are the ideal hormone levels for medical transition?

Hormone therapies work by starting with small doses and gradually building them up until a target range is reached. There is a difference between the target range (which is acceptable) and the ideal level. Everyone's body is different, and some people will respond better or worse to different hormone levels. We will work with you to ensure you get the treatment that best fits you.

In general, the desired hormone levels in over 16s are follows.

For feminising hormones:

  • Testosterone < 8nmol/l (target level), < 2.4nmol/l (ideal level)
  • Oestradiol 235-1300pmol/l (target level), 400-800pmol/l (ideal level)

For masculinising hormones:

  • Testosterone 12-35nmol/l (target level), 18-30nmol/l (ideal level)
  • Oestradiol < 150 pmol/l (target level), < 150 pmol/l (ideal level)

These levels apply to over 16s pursuing full masculine or feminine transition. For non-binary people or those who do not wish to fully transition, these levels may not be suitable.