Can GPs prescribe and carry out blood tests for private patients?

In January 2018, NHS England published advice to GPs on Primary Care Responsibilities In Regard To Requests by Private On-Line Medical Service Providers to Prescribe Hormone Treatments for Transgender People:

‘A number of trans and non-binary individuals access private on-line medical services, often because of long waiting lists into an NHS-commissioned Gender Identity Clinic. The online provider may make a diagnosis of gender dysphoria through remote contact with the patient and in such cases a private prescription may be issued, or the patient’s GP will be asked to issue a NHS prescription. Either way, it is likely that the patient’s GP will be asked by the online provider to assume responsibility for monitoring and testing and for passing the results of the monitoring and testing to the private on-line service.'

We can arranged a shared care agreement with our patients' GPs, or provide a treatment summary with full information regarding the blood tests required. Patients can then upload the results themselves, or their doctors can do it via our secure contact form for healthcare professionals.