What does the process cost altogether?

There are six main charges associated with GenderGP’s medical services. Some are paid at the Appraisal Pathway stage and some are paid as and when they are needed.

1. Set-up fee: Is a £195 one-off charge paid at Appraisal Pathway stage, usually when submitting the form.

2. Consultations: There are 2 types of mandatory consultation. The first is a £65 Information Gathering Session during the Appraisal Pathway stage and the second is a £30 Follow-Up Session every 6 months during treatment. Other consultations may be required or requested depending on the situation for an additional fee.

3. Blood tests: All patients are required to submit blood test results for monitoring purposes, carried out by GP under NHS there will likely be no charge though this should be discussed with your GP. If a private service is required the price is variable though these are usually around £50 per test when arranged via GenderGP (if possible)

4. Medication: Costs for medication are variable depending on the dispensing method. GPs can prescribe according to a Treatment Summary we send them with little or no cost depending on your healthcare system, or we can issue private prescriptions where medication is purchased directly from a pharmacy.

5. Letters: Most letters are included within the monthly subscription fee. Some may incur additional fees, such as a gender marker letter for changing passport.

6. Subscription: All patients pay a monthly subscription fee of £30.