How do I request a medication review?

In order to carry out a medicine review, we will need to see your blood test results; This is because we use your blood test results to help monitor your progress and wellbeing while undergoing treatment. You may request a blood test letter to be sent to your GP via the form here. Please select the option "My local doctor will arrange the tests - please write to them - £0.00" before submitting the above linked form.

You may upload your blood test results to us here once you have them. Please select the option “Upload your blood results” on the above linked form, as well as the "Request a review of medication" option. Alternatively, your GP can send us your blood results via our secure contact form for healthcare professionals.

Once your blood test results have been submitted to us, we will then be able to carry out a medicine review. Once the medicine review has been completed, you will be contacted again via email with any relevant information or guidance at that time.