Do you offer surgery as part of your services?

We do not offer surgery, but we can provide surgery referrals for those who have already researched what surgery and which surgeon they would like. For more information please see our website (

I’m under 18 - can I still get a surgery referral? Will I need to wait until I’m 18?

You don’t need to be 18 in order to receive a surgery referral. However, it is down to the individual surgeon to decide whether they will carry out the operation. Do some research on specific surgeons before getting a referral. Surgeons usually require referrals to be reasonably recent (within the last six months is a common requirement). We have detailed information available on surgery referrals here (

I need a surgery referral. Can you help me?

Yes, we provide surgery referrals. You will need to complete a questionnaire and book a consultation with one of our gender specialists. You can book your consultation and find more detailed information here (

If i've had a session for surgery referral, when can I expect my letter?

The letter is usually provided within 72 hours of the appointment. Any delay to this will be communicated in full by the team. If you need to get in touch with us after your session, you can do so here (

I would like to be referred for surgery but I do not yet have a diagnosis, would you be able to complete a surgery referral letter and a diagnosis in the same session? Or will these need separate assessments?

All surgery referral letters, when issued, confirm that you fit the criteria for diagnosis. If you would like a separate, formal diagnosis this can be arranged as well ( If we have existing records of recent conversations - such as an Information Gathering Session report or a Follow Up Session report, we may be able to use these. Otherwise, we will need to arrange a separate session for this.

Do you offer top surgery recommendations?

We can offer top surgery referral letters at a cost of £150, as required by your chosen surgeon. We do not offer specific referrals and recommend that you research private surgeons to find one that you are happy with. You can find everything that you need to know about our Surgery Referral Letters including some details of surgeons that perform top surgery as a starting point for your research here (