Who regulates GenderGP?

As an international organisation we are not bound by English regulators. However, all of our specialists are individually regulated for each of the activities they carry out in the countries in which they are professionally registered. All of our doctors, clinicians and therapists have many years experience of working with gender dysphoria, and follow strict international guidance for treatment protocols.

There is not one clinician with individual responsibility as each clinical decision on follow up is made by a multidisciplinary team that includes doctors, therapists and psychologists. The doctor that signs the prescription may vary as with any large specialist clinic, but the specialist team jointly makes the clinical decisions.

Each practitioner has the registration, indemnity and qualifications to suit their role. There is no specific training requirement to practice in this area, and no GMC register or GPSI qualification. Gender specialists may come from any field, endocrinology, psychiatry, General Practice, General Medicine. All GenderGP practitioners follow Internationally recognised best practice and guidance.