Blood Testing

Does blood testing have to be done exactly at each three month mark?

Blood testing is requested every three months for monitoring purposes to ensure you are on the best treatment possible. While we understand it may not always be possible to get these on time we strongly encourage to get them as close to this frequency as possible. Please not this only refers to checks for Oestrogen and Testosterone levels, certain medications do require a much more strict timetable of testing.

How does private blood testing work?

Once the relevant tests have been requested via the help centre here: We will check your request against your records and then issue a payment request. Once your payment has been received this will be forwarded to Nationwide Pathology. You will then be able to contact them and arrange a suitable appointment date for your tests.

Do you supply home blood testing kits?

Unfortunately at present we cannot provide home testing kits

I am having blood tests today, when should I take my medication?

When arranging blood tests the time to have your test may vary based on the medication you are taking. Please see below for further guidance: If using hormone tablets: Test can be done anytime If using hormone gel: Blood should be tested 4-6 hours after gel is applied - Apply gel to shoulders, upper arms or thighs and Use gloves to apply gel for 3 days leading up to the test If using hormone patches: Blood should be tested the day after a patch change If using hormone injections: Sustan...