I heard your blood tests are unsafe. Is this true?

We are aware that misinformation continues to circulate in relation to our approach to blood testing.

Our priority, first and foremost, is patient safety. As such, testing is something we take very seriously and it forms an integral part of the service we provide. At GenderGP we ask that blood tests are submitted regularly and that these are carried out by a dedicated pathology service. We have partners who can provide this service, GPs may be willing to support, or our service users are at liberty to arrange the tests themselves. You can find out more here. The results are then analysed by our team of gender specialists to monitor the progress of each individual under our care.

All of the doctors working with GenderGP have been chosen for their affirmative approach to trans healthcare. They operate according to international guidelines and best practice from centres of excellence around the world. These guidelines are available on our website. At GenderGP we believe patient choice is vital. We provide safe, timely access to gender-affirming care, without the waiting lists. We fully respect the fact that everyone is different and they are welcome to use whichever service they feel best suits their needs. Our team are always happy to provide answers to any questions you may have and you can reach them by sending us a message.