Are puberty blockers experimental?

The puberty delaying efficacy of puberty blockers in adolescents with severe gender dysphoria is well evidenced and not experimental. In reality, there are over two decades of clinical practice supporting the use of puberty blockers in young people with gender dysphoria, with guidelines first being drafted in the mid-1990s, and the use of these GnRH analogues (puberty blockers) to safely manage precocious puberty goes back even further.

All the information we have about puberty blockers suggests that the treatment is safe, effective, and has positive outcomes for young people of all genders. If further research areas have been identified, it is important to pursue them as much as is practical - but not at the cost of young people’s wellbeing. Even relatively conservative medical opinions are clear that, while there are areas for further research to be conducted, the benefits of puberty blockers and gender-affirming care are evident.

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