Do you use an endocrinologist to monitor young people taking blockers through you?

We do not have a dedicated endocrinologist who monitors young people's treatment, as this is not a requirement for providing gender-affirming care for children or adults.

There is no specific training or qualification or specialist register for gender specialists in the UK. Gender specialists can come from any medical specialty. In the NHS document Clinical Models Operated by England’s Gender Identity Clinics it states that gender specialists may be from many different clinical backgrounds, some specialising in mental health, like psychologists, psychiatrists, counsellors or therapists, but they may also be GPs, endocrinologists, nurses etc.

In the WPATH Standards of Care Version 7 it states: 'With appropriate training, feminizing/masculinizing hormone therapy can be managed by a variety of providers, including nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and primary care physicians (Dahl et al., 2006).'