Does GenderGP offer treatment to young people who do not have the support of their parents?

Yes. There are many trans people of all ages who sadly do not have the support of their parents or loved ones. For these individuals we take the same stance on consent as the NHS. More information can be found in our article on treating young people. In the UK, the ability to consent can be presumed at age 16, and can be assessed prior to this. All of our young patients have their capacity to understand and consent assessed in a number of ways, including by email messaging, questionnaires, information gathering sessions and consultations. Parental consent is desirable, of course, but sadly not always available. We offer a number of ways for parents to access advice, support and medical care for their adolescent children. This includes counselling, psychotherapy, puberty blockers and gender-affirming hormones, and we welcome parental support and involvement at all stages. You can find more information here.