What is the most effect preparation of testosterone?

Most physical changes occur over the course of a few years regardless of the method used. Gel and injections are comparable in efficacy. The method of administration impacts the way in which hormone levels peak. Injections are associated with a fast peak in blood hormone levels and as such there may be some fluctuations in hormone levels between injections. Gels are slowly absorbed and so they provide a more consistent dosage and therefore stable hormone levels, avoiding the highs and lows which...

Will testosterone affect my monthly cycle?

Ongoing testosterone treatment is likely to affect your monthly cycle, by reducing or stopping it entirely. It is still important to consider the need for smear tests and sexual health checks (including sexually transmitted infections). Your GP or local sexual health clinic can help with this. Testosterone treatment should eventually stop your monthly cycle altogether. If you would like to address this sooner, we can look at adding a puberty blocker to your treatment, or by maximising testos...

Can I start my treatment with testosterone injections?

It is our usual protocol that new patients start on gel for the first 3 months of their treatment and then move onto injections. We can make exceptions to this with good reason, although this decision is made by the medical team at your case's Final Review. If you can explain fully why you would like to start on injections then we can add this information to your case for the Medical Team to review.