What would you advise me to use as an oestrogen blocker?

We can look at ways to block your oestrogen production. We would look at GnRH blockers which come in the form of injections or nasal sprays.

The GnRH blockers are the gold standard blocker, but are quite expensive at between £180 and £300 every 12 weeks depending on the option chosen. Some of the nasal sprays are cheaper than the injections.

If you opt for the nasal spray, we will arrange a paper prescription for this if you live in the UK, unfortunately, Clear Chemist are unable to fill prescriptions for this as they cannot order sufficient quantities. If you opt for the injections then we will need to ensure that appropriate arrangements for them to be administered are in place.

The GnRH Agonists are commonly known as blockers and puberty blockers.

You can find the Patient Information Leaflet for Decapeptyl (Triptorelin) injections here.
You can find the Patient Information Leaflet for Synarel nasal spray here.

If these options can't be arranged, then your testosterone treatment will eventually stop oestrogen hormone production.