How can I make my practice more trans-friendly?

Physicians can be supportive by ensuring that their paperwork or electronic medical systems are sensitive to the needs of the transgender community. People may identify as male, female, trans woman, trans man, genderfluid, non-binary, agender, neutrois, pangender, two-spirit, or other options not listed here.

Ensure that you have your trans patient's chosen name up to date, regardless of gender identity, and remember that not everyone uses their legal name in everyday conversation.

Paperwork and electronic medical systems should ask for gender identity and sex assigned at birth, allow write-in options for issues of gender and sexual orientation, and ask for an anatomical inventory or organ inventory so that cancer screening can be conducted for the appropriate body parts. Patients who have changed their gender identity marker may need to be manually enrolled in or unenrolled from relevant screenings, like cervical screening.