How long after my consultation will I have my operation?

After your consultation you will be placed on a waiting list, the length of which varies depending on your surgeon's availability. Waiting lists for surgery can be stressful, however, it is also important that you have plenty of time to process all the information, make sure you understand everything, consider all the possibilities, and ask any questions you might think of.

I am worried about the results of surgery. Who can I talk to?

It is important to go into surgery with an open mind. Discuss any worries you may have with your surgeon during your consultation, and they can put your mind at ease. Everyone is different, and therefore everyone will have different surgery results. A difficulty experienced by someone else may not affect you.

Do people regret having surgery?

There are lots of reasons why people may regret having a procedure done. The most important thing is to think about what you want to achieve. What might you regret? Loss of sensation? Still not being fully accepted by family/friends/others? Having visible scars? Comparing what you want to achieve with what is definitely achievable takes consideration.

What are clinical guidelines for surgeons for?

Guidelines should be there to help the surgeon provide you with the best care, not just to gatekeep in an attempt to confirm your identity. Ask your surgeon to spend time discussing your operation and the potential outcomes, rather than whether you are trans or not.

How do you choose which surgical technique to use? Can I have the same as my friend?

The technique that is used depends on many things. Your wishes are obviously important, but it also depends on your body size and shape, and also the size and shape of your chest. If you aren’t happy with the technique being offered, ask for a second opinion.

Why should I stop smoking before the operation?

Most surgeons and anaesthetists would recommend that you give up smoking before any operation. This is to make the general anaesthetic as safe as possible for you, and to help with wound healing.