Why do you prescribe finasteride?

Some people ask why Finasteride is used as a testosterone blocker. We advise it based on the WPATH standards of care.

Finasteride is known to be very safe and also requires less monitoring, and so they feel it is more suited to online prescribing. Both the effects of finasteride and your testosterone levels will be closely monitored and you always have the option to change it or add in another medication if you don't get the results we are looking for.

There have been some excellent results from finasteride and very few side effects compared with the harsher anti-androgens. The first choice is the blocker injections, but as these need to be injected by a health professional they are not always an option. Finasteride is a good start and you can work up from there as needed. The prime focus is on safety, hence the reason for the choice. Due to the current political climate within the health service and related organisations we are unable to offer services such as administering injections.

It has the benefit of being cheap and easy, and it has a low risk profile. This makes it a great first choice if blocker injections are not affordable or possible.

Here is the Patient Information Leaflet for Finasteride 5mg.