How many people detransition?

The number of people who do not continue with transition varies depending on where in the world they live, and is subject to a number of factors, including societal acceptance of transgender people and access to healthcare.

  • For instance, in the UK a survey of 3398 attendees of a gender identity clinic found that just sixteen - about 0.47% - experienced transition-related regret. Of these, even fewer went on to actually detransition.
  • In the US, a survey of nearly 28,000 people found that only eight percent of respondents reported some kind of detransition. Of these, sixty-two percent only did so temporarily.
  • In Sweden, a fifty-year longitudinal study on a cohort of 767 transgender people found that around two percent of participants expressed regret following gender affirming surgery, although it is unclear how many of these participants detransitioned as a consequence.
  • In the Netherlands, a study of transgender young people found that only 1.9% of young people on puberty blockers did not want to continue with medical transition.

On average, this means that around ninety-seven percent of people who transition experience no regret.

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