How much does it cost to use your services?

The following charges are associated with using GenderGP's medical services.

  • Set-up fee: All patients pay a one-off set up fee of £195, which enables them to become a member of our service. Members receive unlimited access to medical advice, blood test result analysis and private prescriptions. Medication is charged separately, unless your healthcare provider has agreed to a shared care arrangement.
  • Subscription: All of our patients become members of GenderGP and this allows them to have unlimited access to advice and private prescriptions as required. If your GP won’t prescribe for you then you will have to purchase the actual medication that is prescribed. The subscription fee is £30 and is taken every 4 weeks.
  • Consultations: All patients need to have an Information Gathering Session unless they have a recent assessment report from another specialist. These cost £65. Further optional consultations are available as follows:
    • Discovery session (£60): for patients who are not sure how our service works or what options are available to them and would like to speak with a team member before proceeding with the Appraisal Pathway.
    • Counselling (£60): Talk to one of our specialist gender counsellors about what you are going through.
    • Family and Friends session (£60): A chance for your loved ones to ask their questions.
    • Follow-up sessions (£50): Check in with his and see how you're doing.
  • Blood tests: If you have had blood tests done within the past six months, or your doctor can do your tests for you, then you may be able to do them for free. If you want to arrange for a home blood testing kit, the cost will be £250. If you would like to arrange for your blood tests to be done privately, the costs may vary.
  • Medication: If you can arrange for your doctor to prescribe for you, this can significantly reduce medication costs. If you require a private prescription, estimated medication costs are as follows (but may vary):
    • Hormones: from around £10/month dependent on need
    • Anti-androgens: from around £10/month
    • Puberty blocking injections: around £100/month
    • Puberty blocking nasal spray: around £60/month
  • Letters: Most letters and reports are included in your subscription. However, some letters - such as surgery referrals - may incur an additional fee.

We understand that not everyone is in a financial position to afford our services, and in some circumstances we can offer reduced rates.

Detailed information about charges and which services are available can be found here: