My GP has said they won’t support me using GenderGP. What can I do to persuade them?

Sadly many doctors do not feel empowered enough to support their patient through transition. This is largely due to the lack of education in this particular field of medicine. Luckily there is plenty of research available to support the treatment of trans individuals. We have lots of information and we are happy to contact your GP, if you feel this will help. You can request that we write to your GP here:

We have also developed this guide which takes international best practice and distils it into an easy to read practical advice. You are welcome to share the link with your doctor: GenderGP_TransgenderHealth_2020_08_05.pdf

This is a part of our medical hub which is designed for GP's:

Other links that you may find useful can be found below:

Information about working with your GP:

This is a blog post about the Guidance for NHS GPs working with transgender patients

This page has more detailed information about collaboration between primary care (your GP) and private gender specialist services including a number of external resources.

You will find a comprehensive list of resources here:

Finally, we also have a section for GPs in our FAQs if they have further questions.