Oestrogen and Progesterone

What is the maximum daily dosage of oestrogen?

There is no 'maximum dose' of oestrogen. We prescribe in accordance with international best practice, starting on a small dose and gradually increasing it based on your bloodwork until you reach the optimum level. For instance, with oestrogen pills (oestradiol valerate) we would typically begin around 1-2mg daily, but our protocols do not exceed a maximum dosage of 8mg daily. Dosages in excess of 8mg would need to be signed off by our medical team in each case, although it is highly unlikely t...

Can I add progesterone to my treatment?

Please note: This article refers to the use of bio-identical progesterone for feminisation. This kind of progesterone cannot be used for contraception or to control monthly cycles, and we do not provide the progesterone-only contraceptive pill. To access progesterone for contraceptive purposes or to control monthly cycles, talk to your GP. Before we provide you with a prescription for progesterone, we will first need to know whether you have a personal or close familial history (parents, grandp...

Is it normal for a transfeminine patient taking oestrogen to develop one breast larger than the other? Is it normal to experience soreness in one breast but not the other?

Yes, it is possible for that to happen. The way our bodies respond to hormones varies from person to person, depending on our individual genetic make-up and hormone receptor density. It is normal for some to experience breast tissue asymmetry or soreness in one breast.

If I am told to alter my oestrogel dosage to 5 pumps a day, 3 in the morning and 2 in the evening, would it be safe for me to just do all 5 in the morning?

This guidance has been provided by our medical team in order to allow an even dose and also to avoid having to put a large amount of gel on at one time. We do advise that, where possible, the instructions provided are adhered to. However, there is no harm in changing this to all pumps at one time of day. If you do decide on this, please tell the team via the Help Centre (https://www.gendergp.com/help-centre/ask) so that we can keep this in mind when reviewing your blood results.