What medication do you provide?

We currently offer the following medications: Puberty blocking pathway: Triptorelin (Decapeptyl) injections, Synarel nasal spray Masculinising pathway: Testosterone gel (Testogel), Sustanon injections(not suitable if you have a nut or soya allergy), Nebido injections. Triptorelin injections or Synarel nasal spray available if required. Feminising pathway:* Estradiol valerate tablets, estradiol patches, estradiol gel (Oestrogel), Triptorelin injections, Synarel nasal spray, finasteride, s...

Do you prescribe oestrogen?

Yes. Oestrogen is available as part of our Feminising pathway. More information about our services and how to access them can be found on our website (

Do you prescribe testosterone?

Yes. We can prescribe testosterone as part of our Masculinising pathway. To find out more about the services we offer, and how to access them, please see our website (

Do you prescribe hormones?

Yes. We can prescribe hormones as part of the three pathways we offer: - Feminisation pathway (oestrogen and progesterone) - Masculinisation pathway (testosterone) - Puberty Blocker Therapy pathway (GnRH analogues) For more information about the services we can offer, and how to access them, please see our website (

Does HRT cause acne?

HRT can cause acne. During puberty, certain hormones cause the grease-producing glands next to hair follicles in the skin to produce larger amounts of oil, known as abnormal sebum. Because hormone replacement therapy reproduces the changes of puberty, it can also cause acne. Not everyone will be affected, but testosterone users are particularly likely to experience some degree of acne.

I have other health problems, does this mean I can’t have hormone treatment?

A history of liver, heart or blood clotting problems, in you or your family, does not preclude you from accessing hormones but it does mean that your case may require additional monitoring. If you're worried about other health issues affecting your treatment, get in touch by sending us a message (

Are there special considerations for patients who suffer from migraines wanting to start hormone therapy?

Hormone fluctuations, specifically oestrogen fluctuations, may precipitate migraine attacks in those predisposed to them. Having said that hormone treatment would not ordinarily be withheld on the basis of migraines. Using hormone gels or patches allows for a gradual increase in hormone levels which reduces the risk of migraines. If you have a history of migraine, we like to start with a low dose and increase based on the tolerance of the individual.

Is 'microdosing' an effective or recommended strategy for non-binary patients? For example, can an AFAB patient 'microdose' testosterone if the patient does not wish to fully transition to male?

There are no established professional guidelines or regimens for microdosing and research on the impact of smaller doses of hormones is not available. Having said that, many non-binary people opt for microdosing on their journey to exploring their gender. At GenderGP you are in charge of your gender journey, our role is to ensure your safety each step of the way. It is important to note that, even with microdosing, some effects of gender affirming hormones may be permanent, particularly wit...

Is there an upper age limit to beginning HRT?

Age is not a barrier to accessing hormone replacement therapy and our team will ensure that the best treatment plan is arranged for you based on the information that you provide for us. If you would like to start your journey with us please fill out our Appraisal Pathway form (http://

What do I need to start hormone therapy?

Hormone treatment can be started once you have a clear plan for what you want to achieve. Then you can work with your GP or a gender specialist to agree the best and safest route for you. If you want to begin treatment with GenderGP you can start our Appraisal Pathway here (

Do I need hormones to transition?

Everyone has a different perspective on what they want to achieve in terms of their transition. For some, social transition, which involves presenting themselves in line with the gender with which they identify, is sufficient. For others, looking for physical changes, hormone therapy is enough to give them the inner peace that is missing. For others, surgery is their desired route.

I’m looking to start hormone replacement therapy. Can I get my hormones through you?

Information about our services, including options for hormone replacement therapy, can be found here ( Once you have read through and absorbed the information, if you would like to proceed, please fill out our Appraisal Pathway form ( Please don’t hesitate to contact us by sending us a message ( if you have any questions about the process.

Can I begin hormone replacement therapy now and possibly stop in the future?

If you decide later down the line that you wish to stop or alter treatment, that's fine and we will help you do this safely. For information on how our process works, including a breakdown of costs, please see here ( Then, if and when you are ready to begin the process to become a patient, please complete our Appraisal Pathway form (