Does GenderGP provide ‘easy access’ to medicines to under 16s?

If a young trans person fulfils the criteria for medical intervention, then we provide appropriate blockers and hormones when clinically indicated. GenderGP operates according to a gender-affirming model of care. Transgender patients of all ages who come to our service can be assured of receiving belief, support, and compassionate access to medical care. We will do all we can to support them and to ease any dysphoria which may be causing distress. We provide Health and Wellbeing Services to trans people of all ages. This includes support and guidance to pre-pubertal transgender children; support, advice, guidance, puberty blockers and hormones to transgender adolescents; and gender-affirming advice and medical treatment to transgender adults. We also provide counselling and monitoring, as well as life admin, including gender marker change letters and surgery referrals.