How long does the process take?

Once the Appraisal Pathway has been submitted we estimate four to six weeks from start to finish for treatment to begin. This is for cases that require no additional sessions, tests or consultations.

What does the process cost altogether?

There are six main charges associated with GenderGP’s medical services. Some are paid at the Appraisal Pathway stage and some are paid as and when they are needed. 1. Set-up fee: Is a £195 one-off charge paid at Appraisal Pathway stage, usually when submitting the form. 2. Consultations: There are 2 types of mandatory consultation. The first is a £65 Information Gathering Session during the Appraisal Pathway stage and the second is a £30 Follow-Up Session every 6 months during treatment. Other...

What does the process cost on a monthly basis?

The Monthly Subscription fee is £30

Me/my child has a psychological disorder, will this be taken into account?

Yes, all health issues will be taken into account when being considered for treatment.

Me/my child has a medical health issue, how will this be dealt with?

All medical issues will be taken into consideration during the appraisal pathway stage and advised on by our medical teams if required.

What psychological testing is done before medication is prescribed?

All patients must attend an Information Gathering Session with one of our counsellors during the Appraisal Pathway. If further sessions are required or if our counsellor feels more support is needed this will be addressed based on the factors present in the case.

Do I need an Information Gathering Session if I’ve already been diagnosed with gender dysphoria?

If you have previously been diagnosed with gender dysphoria we would need to see this for review before confirming if a full Information Gathering Session is Required. If no Information Gathering Session is required we will still require a short session to confirm some details before moving onto a final review.