How should I apply my hormone gel?

Hormone gels can be applied to the arms, back, thighs, legs or stomach. Your medication should contain a Patient Information Leaflet which will instruct you on how to use the pump. You should always follow the dosage instructions on the medication label. Patient Information Leaflet - Oestrogel ( Patient Information Leaflet - Testogel (

Can hormone gels be applied to the genitals?

There are some rumours online that applying oestrogel or testogel to the genitals will increase the speed of the effect. There have been no studies to assess the efficacy or safety of topical hormone gel administration to the genitals. We generally advise against it because of the high alcohol content that could be irritative to the genitals as well as the unknown theoretically possible risk of cancer. Please apply all medications in line with the instructions given, as these are written t...

How can I manage acne?

There are a number of ways to treat the symptoms of acne, many of which can be done at home. - Try not to clean your skin too much – too much scrubbing can irritate the skin and dry it out, which makes your skin produce more sebum, which makes the acne worse. Morning and night (and after exercise) with perfume-free soap and water is plenty. - Make sure flare-ups aren't being caused by the introduction of a new product into your daily routine. - Be mindful of other sources of irritation,...

How long does acne last?

Acne is a chronic condition, meaning that it can last for a long time. Acne from HRT (hormone replacement therapy) can last months or years, and varies from person to person. The severity can change over time between periods of less inflammation and short, acute flare-ups.

Can I administer hormone gel at a different time to the one prescribed?

Gel can be administered at times convenient to lifestyle, with most important aspect being consistency. You may wish to avoid shower or swim/workout routines, and at higher doses, you may want to split applications between morning or night. It does not matter when these are done but a consistent routine is important to achieve best results. If you are unsure, please send us a message. (

Can I take antibiotics whilst on HRT?

Antibiotics are a very large and diverse group of drugs and each is unique in the way it works or interacts with hormones; either increasing or decreasing the effects of your hormone therapy. It is best to check with your healthcare provider before initiating your course. If there are no concerns for possible drug interactions you can take both at the same time. You can get in touch with us by sending us a message. (

Is tiredness a common symptom when undergoing hormone therapy? Is there anything I can take to treat it?

Tiredness or fatigue are common side effects of hormone therapy, as they are of many conditions. There is no consensus on avoiding this side effect but it is best tackled by leading a healthy lifestyle which includes exercise and a healthy diet. By doing the necessary blood work we can identify other common causes of tiredness, such as anaemia and vitamin deficiencies, so that these can be treated where possible.

Can I resume my full dose of HRT after gender affirmation surgery?

This should be considered on a case by case basis. Factors that affect this decision include the length of time you’ve been on hormones, the nature of the surgery and your degree of mobility after surgery. We recommend an informed discussion with your surgeon both prior to and after your surgery, as they will be most knowledgeable on your case and your specific requirements.

What is the best way to apply hormone gels to avoid transferring them onto another individual?

Wash your hands thoroughly after applying gels and allow the skin site to dry completely before dressing. You may choose to apply the gel to a site where you do not expect much skin to skin contact. You may consider using gloves to apply the gel, this will prevent any transference from your hands. You may also consider changing the timing of your application. If for any reason another individual comes into contact with the gel area before it has dried, ask them to wash their hands or the area...

I was just wondering whether being on/coming off the depo provera injection would affect my blood results, as my injection is due next week.

It's difficult to predict the effect of coming off the Depo Provera injection. If you would rather come off and then see if there are any adverse effects, you can always go back on it if you decide that is better. If you do come off it, you will need to ensure that contraceptive requirements are met in another way.

I currently have to travel a long way to get my injections administered. Is there anywhere else I could go?

A list of our preferred partners can be found on our website: If you are using Sustanon, then we also offer sessions to train you how to self administer these injections:

Where can I order needles/sharps bins?

You can find information about self-administration, including ordering needles and sharps bins, here:

My GP currently does my hormone injections but I want to be taught how to self administer. How do I do this?

We can send a letter to your doctor requesting that they teach you how to self administer and provide you with the medication if they are happy to do this. Please note that not all medication is suitable for self-administration. We have further information about self administering here, including information about safe needle disposal:

My GP has said they are not willing/no longer willing to administer my injections. I cannot administer them myself. What can I do?

We have a list of preferred partners on our website where you may be able to find an alternative medical professional to help you administer your injections. Please visit: If you are taking Sustanon we can arrange training sessions for self-administering this injection. Information about this can be found here: If these options are not suitable for you, our Medica...

Is it possible to arrange for direct shipping of hormones to European countries?

We have a number of pharmacy options available including options that cover the EU. You can find them all listed here (

Can I order my prescription without submitting blood test results?

In regards to prescriptions, we recommend that you re-order any repeat prescriptions while you still have roughly four weeks of your current medication remaining, to prevent any missed doses. As monitoring blood tests for testosterone and oestrogen are desired every three months, patients do not typically need to provide blood test results prior to every single prescription refill request, as the timing may not coincide perfectly between when blood tests need to be carried out and when a presc...

The cost of my hormones has suddenly increased! What can you do about this?

As the medication prices are set by the pharmacy, not by GenderGP, we do not have any control over them. We have formed relationships with multiple providers to give you various options. Please visit our pharmacy page to find out more:

Do I need a letter to be able to travel with medication?

There is no legal or regulatory requirement for you to produce such a letter, all you need to do is to make sure your medication is in the original pharmacy packaging with your name on it. However, if you would like a letter for added reassurance you can order one here ( There is a £25 admin fee.

The team has confirmed that my dosage will/can/should change. When should I start on the revised dosage?

The revised dosage applies as soon as it has been approved by our medical team. If you would like to start straight away, you can use any remaining medication from your current prescription to make up the difference. Once you have four weeks' supply remaining, please submit your request for another prescription. If you would prefer, you can wait until your current prescription has been used up at the current dosage prior to increasing the amount. If you choose this option, please let us know whe...

How do I request changes to my medication?

To request a change in your medication/dosage, please submit a progress report along with any necessary blood tests via our website here (

I am experiencing some unusual/unpleasant/unwanted side effects from my medication. What should I do?

Please send us a message. ( Please provide an outline of the situation and we will ask the medical team to review your treatment. In an emergency you should call 999 (or the relevant emergency number outside of the UK).

The instructions on my medication say I take it in the morning/evening. This doesn’t suit my schedule - can I take it at a different time?

We generally advise that you adhere to the instructions on the label, wherever possible, as this is what has been prescribed to you by a medical professional. If you are using hormone gels, you can find advice about timings here ( If you would like further advice about chan...