What are the benefits of gender affirming care?

In their joint statement, issued in response to the Bell v Tavistock ruling, world leading experts in transgender healthcare WPATH et al. explain that: "although treatment for young transgender adolescents involves uncertainties, as is the case in many fields involving young people, several studies demonstrate the clear mental health benefit of gender-affirming medical treatment (including puberty blockers). Withholding such treatment is harmful and carries potential life-long social, psychological, and medical consequences". What is dangerous to the mental and physical health of children is withholding treatment which is endorsed by leading experts worldwide on the basis of social or political grounds. The benefits of gender-affirming care are well-attested, as are the consequences of withholding that care which may "prolong gender dysphoria and contribute to an appearance that could provoke abuse and stigmatization". When considering gender affirmative care – as is the case with ANY treatment – the patient must be given ALL of the facts so that they can come to an informed decision.