How do I...

How do I update my name, address, GP details or similar?

To update your details, send us a message ( and we'll be happy to help you. Please have a scan of your deed poll to hand, as well as any other relevant documentation as proof of your change of name.

How do I update my payment/billing information?

To update your billing/card details, please use the link provided in the emails you have received from our payment system. This will then direct you to your billing portal where you will see the options to update your details. If you experience any issues, please contact us through our help centre (

How do I get a gender marker change letter for my driving licence, passport, or Gender Recognition Certificate?

We can support you with changing your gender marker on legal documents. Simply visit ( to find out more. Please note that, if you are applying for your gender recognition certificate in the UK in line with the UK Government’s requirements (, the following must be true: you must be 18 or over you must have been diagnosed with gender dysphoria you must have lived in your...

How do I get a diagnosis of gender dysphoria?

At GenderGP we work with a team of clinically skilled advisors, counsellors, psychologists and doctors. We do not employ psychiatrists as they are doctors that deal with mental illness, and being trans is not a mental illness. As part of our Appraisal Pathway process you will be taken through an Information Gathering Session, with one of our gender specialist counsellors. This will provide all the information required to reassure our team that you fulfil the criteria for a diagnosis of gender in...

How do I order a new prescription?

You can submit your repeat prescription requests here ( We ask that our patients submit their requests whenever they have four weeks' supply remaining. Please note that prescriptions are not generated for you automatically and will need to be requested each time. Ordering your new prescription is easy. Simply click on the following link and complete the form (

How do I switch to oestrogen injections?

Unfortunately, injectable oestrogen is not available within the UK or EU, and as such doesn't form a part of our treatment protocols. We can prescribe oestrogen using patches, gel, or tablets.

How do I switch to testosterone injections?

The standard dose for injections is equivalent to 2 pumps of Testogel a day. In order to move you to injections, we do need to ensure that you are stable on the treatment and are experiencing no adverse side effects. We recommend waiting at least three months whilst on Testogel before switching to injections. In order to review the switch, we will need to see blood test results for testosterone and estradiol, as well as a full blood count if you have been on testosterone for six months or lon...