What is different about GenderGP’s counselling team?

While some counsellors may claim to be experienced in helping with feelings surrounding gender, many are very new to this area. GenderGP’s specialist gender counselling team is headed up by a trans woman and the team has been supporting gender expansive people and their loved ones for the past five years.

The volume of clients with whom they have interacted during this time makes them the most experienced specialist gender counselling team in the UK.

All of our counsellors are qualified and registered with the BACP or equivalent, and work to the highest standards. They have regular supervision outside of GenderGP and are bound to the counselling ethical framework.

Furthermore, the specialist gender counselling team are heavily involved in advocacy work and actively seek out the trans community, frequently attending events and support groups.

If you would like to speak with one of our counsellors, you can browse our directory here.