Can I order my prescription without submitting blood test results?

In regards to prescriptions, we recommend that you re-order any repeat prescriptions while you still have roughly four weeks of your current medication remaining, to prevent any missed doses. 

As monitoring blood tests for testosterone and oestrogen are desired every three months, patients do not typically need to provide blood test results prior to every single prescription refill request, as the timing may not coincide perfectly between when blood tests need to be carried out and when a prescription needs to be refilled. We will not refuse a prescription request unless blood tests are significantly overdue.

We may reduce the length of the prescription for certain medications (Spironolactone, Cyproterone Acetate, Bicalutamide), or remove them from prescriptions entirely if blood tests aren't arranged promptly.

Please remember that it is your responsibility to ensure that your blood tests are arranged and the results are submitted promptly. If your blood tests are delayed for reasons beyond your control (the results are taking longer than expected, for instance) then please get in touch with us via our Care Centre so we can plan accordingly.