Can EU prescriptions be dispensed in the UK?

All GenderGP prescriptions can be filled in line with UK g ( guidelines which state that ( “A prescription issued in an EEA member state or Switzerland can be dispensed in the UK if the prescriber is from a profession recognised by this guidance that is legally entitled to issue a prescri...

Where is my prescription?

Please allow 48 working hours for prescription requests to be processed. If you feel your prescription has been delayed or there is another issue with obtaining it, please contact us via our Care Centre (

Why does my prescription from GenderGP not contain a contact number and email address for the prescriber?

Due to the unwanted attention our service receives from those looking to block the provision of healthcare to the trans community, we have had to put an additional layer of privacy in place to protect our prescriber. In order to access all of the prescriber information you need, we require your pharmacist to complete the following form: Once this is done we will share our prescriber information with them.

Why is there a synarel shortage?

Following the Bell v Tavistock ruling, the General Pharmaceutical Council has targeted the pharmacies that dispense most of our Synarel. This has led to some disruption of supplies. We are always investigating alternative providers, and in the meanwhile, any chemist in the UK and EU is able to dispense medication prescribed by us.

There is a manufacturer delay with my medication. What should I do?

As with all medications, manufacturers sometimes experience delays which impacts the patient. The best way to resolve this is to either consider an alternative brand of the same treatment or an alternative source. In order to get ahead of this, GenderGP issues all prescription in the generic medication name rather than the brand, allowing pharmacies to dispense what they have access to. If there is a supply issue, we can also offer a paper prescription for you to take to a local pharmacy of your...

I just received an email telling me that my prescription has been sent to my pharmacy option. Does this mean I can now order from ClearChemist?

Once ClearChemist has approved the prescription they will send you an email with the information you will need to order your medication.

I want my prescription to be sent to one of the pharmacies that GenderGP knows or works with. Is there any way to change what happens with my prescription?

That's no problem at all. Please submit a prescription request via the following link and select your preferred method, and we will arrange this for you:

I have received a private paper prescription from you but my local pharmacy won't dispense. What can I do about this?

While the majority of our paper prescriptions are dispensed - a recent survey ( suggested this figure sat at 85% - it is at the individual pharmacist’s discretion as to whether they will process any prescription. As such we always recommend that prior to handing over a paper prescription you ask whether or not it will be dispensed. If the pharmacist refuses, it is worth taking your prescription to an alternative pha...

My local pharmacist is a true ally and has always supported me, is there any way of letting others know?

If you know of a trans friendly UK-based pharmacy, we want to hear about them! Send us your recommendations via our ( Centre ( so we can reach out to them and help others who might be struggling to access care. The more insights we can gain from our community the stronger our pharmacy network will become.

How long will my prescription last?

To ensure you have plenty of supply of your medication, our prescriptions are issued to cover a three month period. In the case of testosterone, which is a controlled substance, you will need to ask your pharmacist to part dispense your prescription over a three month period if you have paper prescriptions. If you order testosterone via our partner pharmacies, it will prescribed in monthly instalments where possible. For guidance on when to reorder your Testogel prescription, see here (https...

I got a paper prescription in the post, but the pharmacy I went to charged more than I can afford for testogel. What other options are available?

Unfortunately the prices of medications are beyond our control. To ensure we can provide our services we have built relationships with multiple online pharmacies. For our primary online pharmacy you must be 18 and over and live in the UK. Our alternative pharmacy is available to anyone living in EU. We can also offer a treatment summary, where we will send a medication recommendation to your GP so they can prescribe the medication. You will pay NHS prices for these. More information ...

How do I get my medication once it has been prescribed to me?

We have a number of pharmacy options available to you. You can find them all listed here (