How might puberty blockers affect my fertility?

If you use puberty blockers to prevent the progression of puberty, it will mean that you have fewer immediate fertility options (although it’s important to note that no one, regardless of gender identity, has guaranteed fertility options). This is because blocking puberty prevents the sperm and eggs from maturing. However, this doesn’t mean puberty blockers cause infertility or that you cannot have a family. Both people with testes and people with ovaries have fertility preservation options. In Australia, Norway, and some parts of the US it is possible to have a biopsy of the ovaries or testes frozen to be matured at a later date. In countries where this is not possible, there is the option of stopping blockers and cross-sex hormones at a later date and allowing endogenous puberty to recommence. People with ovaries also have the option of stopping blockers and cross-sex hormones and stimulating egg production through a process called ‘follicle stimulation’, then freezing the extracted material and resuming blockers and hormones.

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