Do I need a court order to start treatment with GenderGP?

No. Following the Bell v Tavistock ruling, changes were made to the NHS Service Specifications for the Gender Identity Development Service, making it harder for people under sixteen to get access to puberty blockers on the NHS.
GenderGP is not governed by these Service Specifications. Instead, we follow standards of care and prescribing guidelines set out by international bodies like the World Professional Association for Transgender Healthcare and the Endocrine Society. This means that we will gather information about each individual on a case-by-case basis and help them understand the best pathway for their needs. We are mindful of the Bell v Tavistock judgement, and take particular care with people aged sixteen or less. We always prescribe in line with Gillick competence, the UK legal provision by which children can consent to treatment if they can fully understand the consequences of the treatment.