What are the individual tests in each blood panel?

In some non-UK countries, patients need to order blood tests by individual test rather than panel name; For example, instead of asking for Full Blood Count, they need to ask for Total White Blood Count, Haemoglobin Concentration, Haematocrit etc. item by item. In the UK you should be fine to just ask for the relevant blood panel. Below is a list of the individual tests needed for each panel: LFT - Liver Function Albumin Protein Globulin Bilirubin ALT ALP GGT U+Es - Urea and Ele...

How much do blood tests cost?

We have lots of information about private blood testing services and costs available here (https://www.gendergp.com/blood-test-orders/). As a guide, each individual test through our testing partners costs £50, with an additional £8+ depending on the method of testing.

How do I request a medication review?

In order to carry out a medicine review, we will need to see your blood test results; This is because we use your blood test results to help monitor your progress and wellbeing while undergoing treatment. You may request a blood test letter to be sent to your GP via the form here (https://www.gendergp.com/blood-test-orders/). Please select the option "My local doctor will arrange the tests - please write to them - £0.00" before submitting the above linked form. You may upload your blood test re...

My GP won’t give me blood tests and I cannot afford to do a private blood test at a clinic or at home. What can I do?

Blood tests are a required part of your treatment as they enable us to monitor your progress. However, we understand that they can be expensive. If you are struggling financially please contact us via our Help Centre (https://www.gendergp.com/help-centre/ask/) and a member of the team will discuss any support that may be available.

I am taking hormones through a private prescription and my doctor has refused to do my blood tests. What can I do?

We understand that there can sometimes be difficulties obtaining your blood tests through your doctor. Information about other ways to take your blood test can be found on our website (https://www.gendergp.com/help-centre/blood-test-order/). If you want to use one of our home blood testing kits, you can read our guide here (https://www.gendergp.com/home-blood-testing-guide/).

When’s the best day to post the sample back from a home blood testing kit?

For best results, post your sample back between Monday and Wednesday to reduce the chances of it being delayed in the post and the sample becoming invalid. For full information about home testing kits you can visit our website (https://www.gendergp.com/home-blood-testing-guide/).

I use gel, how do I avoid contaminating my home blood test?

To avoid contamination the gel can be applied to the back, thighs, legs or stomach rather than the arms and gloves can be used to apply the gel for a couple of days before the blood test. We advise that tests should be carried out 4 - 6 hours after the gel is applied. You may also want to consider using a local laboratory for the tests. We use a service that has over 170 clinics UK wide, carrying out a test in person can reduce the risk of sample contamination. Full information about home blo...

How can I reduce the chance of needing a retest when using a home kit?

Common errors and how to avoid them: - ‘Sample haemolysed’ – this can happen when you squeeze your finger too hard to get the blood out, and the blood cells are damaged. Be gentle when squeezing your finger to avoid this. It can also happen if you shake the tube too hard to mix it. - ‘Sample clotted’ - this occurs when the blood is allowed to clot before it is mixed with the liquid in the tube. To avoid this, gently invert the tube once full, to mix the blood. - ‘Insufficient sample’ – ...

Is there anything I can do to ensure I get the best results from a home kit?

Tests must be carried out in the morning and posted back the same day. Follow the instructions given in the pack as closely as you can. The following tips may also be useful: - When you get to step two try bathing your hand in some warm water before pricking your finger, to encourage the blood to flow into the fingertips. - You can also take a warm shower or do some gentle exercise beforehand to encourage a good blood flow, as well as making sure you are well hydrated. - Let gravity hel...

Can I order a home kit to obtain this sample locally to me and have it processed through your laboratory?

Yes. If you would like to have your blood taken intravenously you can do so, but this must be carried out by an appropriately trained person. You can find full information about home blood testing kits on our website (https://www.gendergp.com/home-blood-testing-guide/).

If the home testing kit isn't suitable for me, is there another option?

If you cannot arrange a blood test with your GP and home testing is not suitable, there are options. In order to make your healthcare as accessible as possible we work with a large blood testing service which takes venous (blood taken from the vein) samples at over 170 clinics around the UK. Please note: Blood tests cannot be 100% guaranteed, however, because the sample will be taken by a professional phlebotomist and processed on site, the risk of failed samples is much lower than with the fin...

Can anyone use the home testing kit?

Home testing kits are suitable for most users. However, it is important to note that gel users have a much higher risk of contamination. Those on Spironolactone will also need to have a kidney function test which cannot be carried out using a finger prick test kit. Please also take into consideration that you must live in the UK to be able to use the home blood testing kits. This is due to the blood samples being able to reach the laboratory in a sufficient enough amount of time. For full info...

I've spoken to my GP about getting baseline bloods done. They can help, but only if the results can be sent directly to GenderGP so they don't have to look into anything. How can I arrange this?

Your results can be sent by your GP through our help centre here: https://www.gendergp.com/help-centre/confidential/ Alternatively, you can submit them yourself here: https://www.gendergp.com/help-centre/blood-results/ We will then review these.

Do I need to fast before I do my test?

We advise that you do fast before your blood test. This means no food to be consumed after 9pm the evening before the tests, and only water to be taken as a drink. If you are unsure or want further information, you should talk to your clinician about whether your specific kind of blood test requires fasting. You can always contact us via our Care Centre (http://Do I need to “fast” before I do my test?).

I have had blood tests this week at my GP practice, how do I submit my results?

There are two options available to you: Your GP can submit them for you here: https://www.gendergp.com/help-centre/confidential/ You can submit them yourself here: https://www.gendergp.com/help-centre/blood-results/

I paid for a blood test and the result came back 'contaminated'. Can I have a free retest?

Unfortunately blood tests cannot be 100% guaranteed, and because the service was provided you will need to pay for a retest. We do however, also work with a blood testing service which has a network of clinics throughout the UK, so that you can do your test in person. Using a clinic reduces the risk of failed samples as the process is carried out by a professional phlebotomist and processed on site. To find out more visit our blood testing page (https://www.gendergp.com/help-centre/blood-test-or...